This blog is to share my story but more so my spiritual growth and the faithfulness my God has shown me every time, even when I stray. I kindly remind you that writing is not my forte, and you may find many typos. Yet, I hope and pray that my message gets across.

Recently, I have been sharing my walk through infertility and fertility treatments. I hope to share my experience with infertility to bring awareness and for self healing.

To hopefully better grasp my walk in life, I hope you will read them starting from the oldest post, ‘Zone 0 – Before diving into his will, to the more recent posts. In other words, from the post located at the bottom (select ‘older posts at the bottom of the page) to the newer posts found upwards on the Blog page.

The purpose of this blog is not to point out others’ flaws but rather what I have had to learn the hard way because I’m very stubborn and headstrong. Repeatedly, I have forgotten to put God first and seek his guidance before proceeding. At other times, I have to an extent, thought I knew better, but I don’t. No one is all-powerful, mighty, and all-knowing like our Lord. All to say, this is not to bash others but rather to share my experiences. With that in mind, I try my best to be honest and admit my wrongs.

General Note: Names mentioned throughout my blog have been changed to protect identities.

Let’s walk by faith and not by sight together.